These are what I have coined Quantum paintings. I adapted the aspect of unpredictability that quantum physics has brought to mathematics to study the nature of atoms, and applied it to my process of painting.

The paintings start with an element of chance or unpredictability within a fixed window of possibilities. I begin each work with a separation of intent and control by throwing a paint soaked rag onto the surface. This is the quantum experience, allowing chance, movement and time to intersect to lay the groundwork for the imagery. Next I pick out, from what has been laid down, the shapes and images that I see. I'm sculpting the random act to pull out what has been created by infinite variables of force and action.

The intent of my adding hints of forms is to invite the viewer to explore their own unconsciousness through the general suggestion of images in the cloud forms. I've planted seeds from my own visions to allow the bridge for others. The painting will grow and change depending on the viewer's own associations and history. At different times different images will appear.

I invite the user to embrace this detachment from solid definite imagery as it reflects the true nature of matter and energy, being constantly changing and morphing.